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About Seinbiose

Seinbiose is your breast pump specialist! For the past three years, our company has continued to grow and promote breastfeeding.

Our product line, consisting of two manual and three electric breast pumps, one of which is a double pump, will delight all future and current mothers who wish to be free and modern while breastfeeding.

Discover our colourful products and treat yourself to a natural breastfeeding experience. Like you, we are convinced that breast milk is the best natural food for your baby’s healthy growth and development. We believe in symbiosis between mother and baby.

Reasons for using a breast pump?

- To resume work.

- In case of cracked nipples or breast engorgement.

- In case of premature or multiple births, or in case you baby has difficulties to latch on while nursing.

Using a breast pump will enable your baby to benefit from the best: you breast milk.